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Nvidia OC Failed when no OC is present

Hi all

I’m some intermittent issues with my rig.

I have 8 x 1080ti and 1 x 5700xt AMD on a B250 ASUS mining expert mobo. I have not overclocked the GPU and running as standard and yet its showing as Nvidia OC Failed; this is then followed by a GPU driver error, no temps error.

I haven’t overclocked any of the cards as i wanted to get it started up first and then go from there. It was all working for about 24 hours fine, and then started throwing up these issues.

Any ideas what it could be?

Many Thanks

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Hey, the problem is multiple issues happening. Firstly you need to get overclock settings for the AMD card and get separate overclock settings for the Nvidia cards. They will be very different settings. Once you find the correct OC settings the cards will function properly.

The OC settings will vary depending on what you are mining and what pool you use. Post a reply as to what you are mining?


Do both the AMD and Nvidia cards need to be overclocked or can they remain as is?

Im mining ETH, HiveOn Pool, with Phoenix Miner

Thank You

Yes they both need to be over locked separately. Leaving them I clocked will not give you the best efficiency and stability. I will upload a screenshot of my AMD settings, stable for 2 weeks now. Same AmD cards as yours.

For the Nvidia I have GeForce Rtx3070 and OC settings -200 1200 120 for Core lock MEM and PL respectively. Gave hashrates between 56.43 to 61MH/s as I tweaked to those settings. To change individual OC you click on the little speedometer to the right of each gpu.

I’ve checked the actual rig and it seems like it could be something more sinister. I’ve checked and swapped out risers, ensured its all plugged into the mobo and (in the words of the HiveOS Tech) check its not wriggling and keep getting the same outcome or worse. Its also started to reboot randomly now too.

Were you able to find out the actual issue?

Oh man! I’m glad someone is talking about that. I have 3 rigs with 3070s and all of them is giving me these kind of errors, I don’t understand why. It is random.I have changed connectors, risers and other things and the error still happening. Not sure how to solve it. I have the impression that it is getting worse with each update :confused:

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