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Nvidia OC errors

When I try to apply OC to the nvidia cards on my rig, I get a “nvidia settings applied with errors” failure. I have also not been able to get full performance from my cards with the optimal oc settings. I am seeing this as the detail on the error -

mobo: z87X-UD3H, CPU: i7-4770k, OS: HiveOS

When I type in nvidia-info into a shell, the command hangs, and I get no output past the date and time.

Any help is appreciated.

dow oc :joy:

Disable intel graphics in the bios.

This solved the problem!
Thanks for your help.

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buenas tengo una 1060 gtx 6gb msi estaba minando rvn y dejo de hacerlo en hiveos me sale que NVIDIA OC failed. el sistema me tumba todas las tarjetas que no tienen problema. lo mas curioso es que sale algunas especificaciones incompleta en el sistema les dejo unas imagenes para que vean en si el problema. en espera de una ayuda o posible solucion. saludos.

![Captura de pantalla_20210622-170739|281x500]

![Captura de pantalla_20210622-170752|281x500]

What is the solution?

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