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Nvidia nor working

Ok so this is first time trying hive Os.

I have read diffrent threads about simular problem. But i will list what i have tried.

I tried this Os to see if i could Get the hashrate up on my 3060 card.

Windows is running smooth on betterhash on about 150 hash.

*tried setting up different flight to force nvidia to work
*amd is working no matter what.
*i have the newest driver (not tried old drivers)
*installed Hive yesterday. Latest stable version
*all cards Are listet but all nvidia cards is idle

Gave up. Open Windows . Still running good.

What can i Try ? Thanks

Try Nvidia drivers 460.39

Will do later today :slight_smile: thanks for suggestion

Thanks. I tried. Dont know what happend. Restartet a few times and now it works on same drivers as before. But i think i need to calibrate something :stuck_out_tongue:

The hashrate is very los in the pool .

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