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Nvidia MSI 3060 LHR V2 in LOLminer fan goes 100% and hashrate N/A

Maybe someone can help.

Out of nothing my 3060 LHR V2 card is acting weird. See screenshot. Reboots don’t help.

So to be clear. I’m using LOLminer V1.53 and out of nowhere only the LHR card loses hashrate and FAN goes to 100%. Reboot helps, but for a short amount of time.

you need to troubleshoot to see what the issue is. could be the mem clock, riser, cables or card itself. start with the easiest things to try and go from there

I’ve disconected the card. Cleaned IT a bit. Connected again and now IT works for 9 hours straight.

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Could have been a loose connection somewhere. Glad you got it sorted

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