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Nvidia Mixed Rig Lower Hashrate (Ergo)


Before i begin want to say sorry for making another overclocking thread, i have been a windows miner for some time now and thought id give HiveOS some of my time to see if i can have a simpler setup.

Firstly, i recently switched from Eth to Ergo to do some spec mining. With Ergo i was using NBminer in Windows, and i have setup the same in Hive.

My Windows and hive Settings are shown here.

However i am unable to bring my HiveOS results closer to my windows results, i was expecting more performance with Hive as people keep telling me.

i have tried not to go above my Stable OC settings in windows yet still my hashrate is lower.

Im concerned mostly for the 1660s Hynix cards, These cards would run over 32mh on eth compared to the 28 f the 1070s and i used to use -502core -502mem. But im unable to reproduce this now with Ergo they sit below the samsung 1070’s

Also can anyone recommend a setting for a Micron 1070, it should be closer to 63mh that i had in windows.

Also note, my PL was much lower in windows with higher hash.

Hope someone can offer some advice,

It shouldn’t run any different, performance really depends on the pool and the miner. But your using the same, just a different OS.

Well for one thing all ur settings are different. You have to keep them all the same and consistent.
Pick your best settings and do it to all like cards.
What are your msi afterburner settings for each card?
We need to see actual core clock settings, memory, power etc etc

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