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Nvidia mining rig frequently stuck

Hey guys. My rig started to stuck frequently. I noticed that it probably happened when i tried to mite ETH+TON(the period was ~5 days). I was not happy with the profits and then went back to ETH. At the beginning the GPU driver error was giving me info that there is a problem with one of my 3090’s and I lowered their clocks (GPU5) but now the code is: Jan 04 07:50:25 Nvidia_2 kernel: NVRM: Xid (PCI:0000:26:00): 62, pid=5524, 0000(0000) 00000000 00000000
Jan 04 07:50:25 Nvidia_2 kernel: NVRM: Xid (PCI:0000:26:00): 45, pid=5524, Ch 00000010

Since I have made alot changes on the rig I am not sure if I changed the riser to try solving in.
Do you have any ideas what it could be?

I thought TON ended sometime last year.

Hi, ETH and TON are on pos now,you can t mine those coins anymore.

Lower oc on the problem card and reboot. As others have said, ton mining ended back in June I believe.

Hey guys,
Thanks for your replies.
I forgot to mention that i am currently mining ETC and the issue stil persists.
Lowerig OC didnt help me to fix that issue.
Updating Hive and GPU drivers didn’t help neither.

What clocks are you currently running? Can you post a screenshot of your dashboards overview screen?

Here is the screenshot.
In the past the “GPU Driver error” was addressed to the GPU5 3090.

Lower the oc each crash and reboot. Repeat until stable