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Nvidia is nerfing its RTX 3060 GPU to stop crypto miners from buying them all

Nvidia is planning to release drivers to stop 3060’s from mining. And release a new series of cards for mining specific applications. Does hive plan to implement those gpu killing drivers?


Hopefully hive will have this sorted before 25th :stuck_out_tongue:
Local retailer have 200 cards to go, but not sure to buy


What I find more shocking is the way miners are being hated on, if we come to the table with the money like any other customer, why would we be treated as a pest. Its funny how society loves to pick an enemy, but this time a manufacturer has also joined in and picked a side, imagine the uproar if they would have come out this week and said if gamers buy this new card, we will cut your FPS by half.

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I am a small time guy. I know people in the states that had ordered 200k worth of cards from nvidia last time this happened with the 1000 series gpu’s. They got refunded their money and told sorry. The cards went to China and overseas. The only way they got them that year was second hand from China at a inflated price. Thank god the pill was made for those cards. Hopefully there will be a solution identical to the pill.

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