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Nvidia-info temperature

Currently, nvidia-info does not show the GPU temperature. You are already grabbing the temperature from the card in the nvidia-info script ( $temp ), but you do not display it. The following change to line 42 in nvidia-smi will display the temperature:

            echo -e "${PURPLE}Current PSTATE  $pstate , PWR $pwr, FAN $fan, TEMP ${temp}C${NOCOLOR}"

Can you make this change in the official HiveOS release?


Thank you for proposal. After next update maybe …


Did you see my other post a while back about modifications to /hive/bin/wd and /hive/sbin/autofan regarding sreboot?

please give links to these posts most likely I missed them

Thanks! Here is the thread - Feature request for autofan and watchdog

Ok will look on it too

Thank you again!