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Nvidia GPUs turn off after 15-30 minutes on HiveOS

We have a 6 card rig (3 - 3080’s and 3 -3060 TI’s) and just moved to HiveOS. We had been trying to get it running on Windows but could never get all 6 cards working at the same time (it wouldn’t recognize all GPUs at the same time). After trying to set up on Windows with no luck we decided to try HiveOS.

When we booted on HiveOS it recognized all 6 GPUs and started mining with no issue. The problem is that after 10-30minutes, each of the 3060s stop working one by one. The only way to get it to start working again is to shut the right rig down, let it cool and then boot up again. Has anyone run into this issue?

Motherboard: MSI Z390-A

GPUs: (3 - 3080’s and 3 -3060 TI’s)

  • 3080 Overclock settings
    • Fan: 75, Core: -150, Mem: 2200, PL: 230
  • 3060 TI Overclock settings
    • Fan: 75, Core: -300, Mem: 2100, PL: 120
  • We have external fans working to cool the system down as well.

Photos are attached!

Thanks for any help!

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