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Nvidia GPU error - GPU Not Found (6) (RTX 3060 Twin Edge OC)

Hi all,

Trying to sort through startup issues, I’ve had a few cracks at trying to get HiveOS working in the past and have been unsuccessful. I’ve got it booting now at least, HiveOS dashboard shows the rig as connected and I can send commands, however I cannot get past this “Nvidia GPU error”.

This is a fresh flash of hive on my usb, just reflashed it today after the same issues in previous days.

I just ran the nvidia-driver-update command and it updated the graphics card with more detailed info, so obviously the GPU is there and working. It works fine to mine in Windwos. I also updated to the latest Hive OS.

I don’t understand how the dashboard can see the graphics card, and yet I’m still getting this GPU error.

Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks

I am having the same issue as well. Fresh install of HiveOS to an SSD NVidia Driver Version 460.67 installed, but cannot seem to get this up and running. The RTX 3060 is on a 16x riser cable, while the RTX 2060 Super is on a 1x riser cable. PEG0 and PEG1 in my mobo bios are both set to GEN3.

Any help / advice is appreciated!!

Worker Overview

Nvidia GPU Error

Nvidia OC Failed Error

Any where to escalate this to the Hive dev team? I’ve seen other threads on this as well, clearly multiple people encountering the same issue.

I’ve managed to make a little progress, I at least got it booted into the shell.

Found this page about updating drivers, said to go to Settings and try Maintenance Mode GPU Drivers Disabled if you’re having issues.

So I updated the drivers via the command line in maintenance mode to 460.39 but now, the HiveOS web portal shows the drivers are missing altogether…

If you have a 3060 LHR v2 the 460.39 driver does not work. At least from my experience. Need to go to nearer the latest version. I had to redo my hiveos last night because i was reading a post about how to get more from my 3060 using that driver, changed it and pop, no graphic online.
I am not an expert but when i got it back going again on latest version of everything i was only getting 66m/h mining ERG where i had had it stable on default settings over the weekend at 102m/h.
Not sure what changed, I will need to keep more of a log of my changes …

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