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NVidia cards not seen by claymore and nvidia-smi

I boot hiveos, all 7 cards are listed by lspci, but claymore reports:

cudaGetDeviceCount returned error 38
-> no CUDA-capable device is detected
No NVIDIA CUDA GPUs detected.

nvidia-smi reports:
No devices were found.

Any ideas?

All cards are NVIDIA Corporation Device 1c07 (rev a1)
(Palit 106-100 mining edition)

Power Problem?
Mainboard has all powerconnectors and enough Power?
Try just one card or plug the one out wich is in the long slot.
Sometimes this is an issue with some boards.
Switch to GEN 1 in Bios
I do not have the card so may be something is messed up with cuda?

The rig works just fine when i boot it into regular ubuntu on my harddrive, and all 7 cards are visible to nvidia-smi and claymore. So it’s not a hardware problem, it’s something with hiveos setup. I just burned the downloaded hiveos image into a flash and booted from usb, and the cards are not recognized by cuda drivers (i guess)

The same situation.
In web i see cards.
But miner’s give error that no gard to use.
GTX 1060

It’s may happens with new chip revision 1060 which made in 2018
For this situation you need 390.48 driver to resolve this issue

Thankfully, with the recent HiveOS version, the problem is gone and all P106-100 cards are identified and work just fine. Thanks developers!