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Nvidia and asus rtx 3090 not reach 300 watt

Hay i have an rig with 10 rtx 3090 bu a few cards are giving only 80- 90 and 98 mhs at 270watt and 280 watt. I realy dont know what to do and why this cards only working like an 3080

2x 2000 watt psu platinium
Asrock btc+ 13gpu support
Cpu intel pentium g4400
One ram 8gb

Im using both psu with one mainboard and some pcie splitter

usually these cards overheat their memories and thermal throttle. so you might need to change the thermal pads on these cards.

Yeah but the cards are not so old im mining for 3 months or 2

They can throttle even after one day. Change thermal pads.

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