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Nvidia + AMD - Nvidia gets 95% invalid shares only on NEOX?

i started mining NEOX with Kawpow algo, and for some reason my Nvidia card just wont mine at all, i tried other coins, like Raven, Eth, BTCg, and it works, but when i switch back to NEOX it messes up again…

i have tried to change OC settings, but it dosent seem to help at all, and i have changed miner from Bminer, Bzminer, and NBminer but still the Nvidia card cant do 1 share.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

does it run better with negative core and memory offsets?

dosent seem to be the OC settings, i allso get a message that the CPU could not proscess the share from that GPU. very strange this is only with this coin, i tryed mining at a different pool allso, you can see that card managing 30 Mh/s at some points, it has like a 95% bad shares rate

And you ram the card at -500 core and -500 memory?

Tryed now, was on 500+, didnt help

Better at lower clocks?

lower hash but same thing

what miner are you using? have you tried others?

i made a new rig, with only the Nvidia cards on it

Same algo, same everything, except now im running T-rex miner, then it works, just wont work togheter with the AMD cards…

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