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Nvidia 3070 Xtrio %100 percenet Fan

Hi guys,

i have a problem with my 3070. Cooler running %100 i tried auto fan but its still same.
I have change risor
I have change power connectors
I have change PCI slot

here is my screenshot is there any solution for this

are you certain its 100% , do you hear it loud when you are near the rig or its just on website ?
Try updating the driver and see what happens.

its noisy more than normal, i will update driver now lets see if it will change or not

still same running %100

Maybe Nvidia Bios?

it has been running sins 2 months, it start running 100 percent suddenly.
i gave it for customer service lets see what will happen

I have the same issue, running multiple 1070s, today after a reboot one pegged to 100%, it’s very loud, no matter what OC setting I send it stays at 100% on the fan? any solutions yet? I usually run mine at 60% with no issues

Try to turn off auto fan if its still same probably need to bring warranty
can you share SS

I’ve set the fan to 0 and nothing…tried lots of things, 1, 30, 70, nothing… just pegged!.. also I purchased it used, but I guess it could still be warrantied?

need to check invoice if still under varranty dont waste your time bring it service

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