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Nvidia 3060 LHR Card - Not mining after creating flight sheet


I am new to Mining community. I have taken 4 nos of 3060 LHR cards for mining Ravencoin. I have installed the OS and connected all GPUs to the mining rig. Worker is also created and flight sheet is made. Hive OS has detected all the GPUs connected but after the required flight sheet is created, mining does not start. Tried with multiple mining pool settings, but no results.

Can anyone help me on this…???

I’m quite new to mining this is what mine looks like, I’m a bit worried about the temperature. shouldn’t I be below 60C?

Not sure without seeing it, but I would use Trex with 2miners pool.

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That is way too high. You may be throttling at those temps. Increasing your core will reduce power and temps by a lot. Also, run your fans at 100% or at least 90. I know that is loud AF, but worth protecting the expensive parts of the card. My buddy has had 90+ cards running for 6-9 months and has only had to replace 1 single fan running at 100% on all of them. Try 800 core/2200 mem and then slowly bump your core by 50 until you hit sub 50c.

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Also, for really pushing it… use Trex and 2miners pool.

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Hi… Atleast you are able to run your cards for mining. Did the mining start on its own after setting the flight sheet. Can u let me know on following points

  1. Which pool and configuration used to create flight sheet
  2. Which driver version used
  3. Hive os beta version or stable.
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