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Nvidia 1660S Low Hashrate Issue

Hey guys,

I recently purchased two GTX Palit 1660SUPER graphic cards, one of them tagged with ‘Gamingpro OC’ and one without. The one without is giving me extremely low hashrates (20.5 to be exact) and the other one gives me 31.6.

Anyone know how can I fix this issue?

I tried downloading the VBIOS of my slow GPU, but when I load to to Polaris it says that the VBIOS is unusually large and it doesn’t mod it for me.

The GPU’s original VBIOS downloaded from HiveOS:

Appreciate your help, guys!

Dude polaris bios edit is for amd based cards as far as i know. Thats why its polaris, based on the polaris10 core of the AMD RX series.

Oh I see!! Then how should I fix this issue?

The nvidia app is called nvflash. Try with it.

Appreciate your help, brother! Will give it a try right away and will update the thread soon with the results.

I’m still getting incredibly low hashrate with the same settings…

try remove power limit, see what hashrate you get. also set core clock to 930

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You’re the man!!! So far so good. Thanks a million.

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by the way , are the fans on auto? the GPUs are kinda hot. why not setting the fan to 45% and see where the temp goes.

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They are. So should I turn autofan off and set the static fan value on 45? Is that what you mean?

if you use autofan, set the target Temp 50 or 55 if you prefer. i have and AMD card and have set the fan to 45-50% all the time without autofan. if i swithc on the autofan and set the tem 50 degrees the fan runs at 55% . But i am ok my card running 52-53 degrees with constant fan speed of 50% . after all 40 degrees C is outside :smiley:

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Gotcha! And what do you suggest for ‘Target MEM Temp’?

target mem temp is for newer AMD cards i think. they have separate sensor for memory. for the others i dont think they have. so leave it as the default values.

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