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Nubby at mining, am I doing it correctly?

Just wanted an opinion from this society. E’m I doing everything correctly?
Main questions are:

  1. Are my overlocking good?
  2. Are my Nvidia drivers good for my card’s? Using the latest drivers.
  3. Are my miner good, having around 1% of stale shares and 0 rejected.
  4. Are my temperatures OK?

Additional questions, could not find anywhere a decent answer:

  • Watchdog: what does the WD power stands for, I assume it will reboot if power is less than min or more than max, correct, please? So in the columns for Min and MAX I would need to write like less then 340 or more then 360? As mi rig is ussing from 349 to 353 watts at the moment.

  • Auto-fan settings, before applying auto-fan 2 of mine MSI 1660 ti gaming x, was not even running fans for most of the time. Now as I applied auto-fans with min setting of 25%, they keep that 25% all the time. If I decrees like min fan speed to 15% or 10% then those 2 cards still runs fans and they are not constant like sometimes even more than 25%. 26/27%. Maybe better just to switch off auto-fans, as it would safe those 2 cards fans a bit more?

Also last question, all my 1660 ti was running 31.34 stable for 2 weeks, but today suddenly the last in the list TI just dropped for 0.08mh, and now running 31.26, while other 2 are still doing same 31.34mh. Any ideas why that happened?


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