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Not the usual "Device 9ba8" showing in Worker console

Hello all,

I have an 8 GPU rig. All GPU’s are showing and hashing away with no issues. However, I’ve always had an extra “Device 9ba8”(fig1) that I’m assuming is my MB’s/CPU’s integrated graphics. I have an ASUS MB.

It hasn’t been an issue in the past but recently I have started to see “GPU driver error, no temps” (fig2a,fig2b) and then the system will try to reboot. I say “try” as sometimes the system fully locks-up and i’ll have to reset the rig manually.

Is there anyway to remove “Device 9ba8” from the Miner console?

Things I have tried.

  1. Manuall set “Cards/Boards Quantity” in the miner settings.
  2. Unplug/Replug all GPU’s, risers, power etc
  3. Create a new HiveOS boot drive and add the Rig as a new Miner.
  4. Disable all BIOS settings relating to onboard, IGPU, Primary Display etc. settings.

Thank you.


Yes, but not likely the source of the error as it is excluded by there OS.

Best practice is to have iGPU disabled in the BIOS and any attached external monitor be connected via primary 16x PCIe slot.

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