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Not receiving Code

Seems I’m not receiving my sign-n 2fa code to my e-mail. Tried several times, no joy. Nothing is in my SPAM folder either. The login page looks different as well…
I can, however, still connect via my Android app. But I’m already logged in…

Anything else I can try?

When I use the same bookmark I’ve been using for a long time, it redirects me to a new login page:
But if I manually enter my old address (Log In - Hive OS), it takes me to my ‘normal’ login page but now says ‘Security Code Required’
Will this security code expire at some point so I can try again the the familiar login page? I’m not getting an email from the new login page no matter how many times I try to ‘resend code’… Frustrating


I have the same probllem I cant log in to se my miner…

Makes me feel a bit better that I’m not alone… I did see a warning this morning that said HiveOS was having a problem and to not do any updates or hardware changes… But the message is gone and I can’t get it back…
Any admins chime in on this and let us know what’s going on and an ETA for a fix, if possible?

Many thanks!

This same issue
So pissed off…
Hive os not respondnig

same issue

Does no one pay attention to the announcements? Scheduled maintenance notices were posted days in advance. Wait until maintenance is over

Thanks for replay. TBH I did not know. But thx for info

Maybe have an announcement link on your front page for these kinds of things… I had an announcement on my login page this morning ONLY - not days ago… But it disappeared… Suggesting we don’t pay attention when Hive doesn’t make it readily available is concerning to me…

A quick google search for our twitter or telegram announcements will answer most questions if there’s maintenance or ongoing issues. Id recommend subscribing to one for updates in real time

OK… Thanks… My login seems to be working now… Hopefully it’s the same for others…


It may or may not have issues until maint is finished

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