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Not paid for a long time


High stales and invalids percentages will lock your account preventing payout. Your account has a high percentage.

One miner to another, those stales and invalids are costing you money. Look to get off WiFi, point your miner at the nearest low latency pool server, and ensure your network is clean.

If they unlocked your account right now, it would relook before payout could process.

Your address is locked due to high stales.

Reduce your stale shares to between 3-4% over 24 hours, and then contact the live support team on the website, discord, or Telegram channel.

:small_orange_diamond:Stale shares are predominantly caused by network issues between you and the pool.

  • Check and reset your modem/router
  • Opt for Public DNS (Google or Cloudflare - or if using HiveOS, enable DoH in worker options).
  • Test connection to the pool and all nodes. Choose the best ones in your particular case.
  • ALWAYS set up failover nodes (select multiple ones in your flightsheet).
  • Test both TCP and TLS nodes to see what works best for you.
  • Run mtr against the pool address, i.e. mtr for at least a 100 pings and check for packet losses.
  • Avoid WiFi if possible. WiFi is not as stable/reliant as a wired connection.

If I stop working, can you unlock and pay me?

Thank you very much for your answer.If I stop working, can you unlock and pay me?


But if you were to return to mining on Hiveon without solving the problem, you would likely be locked again in the future. This is just a bandaid fix, and doesn’t actually accomplish anything.

It would be better to solve the problem with the tips that I gave above.

Please email me [email protected] I can guide you through this if you are still having the problems or any other problems

How did get on with your issue? Have you fixed it?

Read my message here on how to fix the issue.

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