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Not Mining after Update

I just installed the latest hiveos update and gminer seemed stuck in the update process. I switched to trex and the same thing happened, I see this screen. I don’t know how to proceed, this is what I see when I type “miner” in shellinabox. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

It’s downloading the miner software, albeit slowly. Just wait til it’s finished

Ok, its just happening very slowly if that’s the case. I’ll let it be and come back in a bit, thank you.

Updated! Thanks again

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Over 2 hours with 300Mbit/s internet connection ?

hive download servers are capped at around 50kpbs currently. so most miners should take 10-20 minutes if downloading straight from hive.

2h hours without mining…

what are you downloading?

After upgrade of hiveos all miners tried to update it took 2 hours.