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Not correct ID on cards

I want to setup a second miner so my AMD cards mines for another wallet adress.
But my cards…have not correct ID but something like hex numbers…?
How can I fix that?

Thank you

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If you are using two separate miners, in this situation, I recommend T-Rex & TeamRedMiner, you do not have to manually select the gpus and can just run both to their own respective GPUs and then to the wallet.

However, be aware that it will take substantially longer to reach the minimum payout for your pool, since they are on separate wallets. I recommend mining all onto one wallet, and then divying out the payment when you receive it.

Otherwise it will take you like 5 weeks to reach .1 ETH (for Hiveon) or 2.5 weeks for .05 ETH on your 5500XT.

Not working.
Any help why my IDs are messed up? Anyone?

me too

These ID numbers are accurate.

AMD & Nvidia cards have separate power tables, because they are different brands.

Everything is working as intended.

But how do i seperate mining algorithms then?
In the ID of the card what should I input? 00f:0 etc like it is shown below the card name?

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