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Not booting with extra gpu

I have just started a new rig with a 2060 super GPU, I have a 1-4 PCIE splitter and when I add the 4th GPU to this (5th in total) the rig won’t boot and restarts every 30-60 seconds. Any ideas what it could be? No display to screen so can boot into bios. Is it worth booting into bios with nothing plugged in to change 4g settings? PCIE speed is on gen1.

Splitters are hit or miss with certain hardware.

I figured as much. Might try another splitter in a fresh PCIE slot

Did you get this figured out? I have 4 cards without splitters and I get the same result when adding the 5th card. I’ve switched out the cables/risers, tried different 5th GPU, and tried plugging them into the MB in different slots. Same result.

Turn 4g decoding on and chance PCIE to gen1 in bios settings

I searched for my specific motherboard not connecting 5th card. Found where the settings were in bios, could not find on my own lol.
The only difference from your post is I set it to gen2.

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