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Not able to pay (SOLVED)


Go to top level page → ‘Your Funds’. Check ‘Personal address deposit’

Make sure you have ERC20 Address active

For me, only two BEP20 Addresses showed, ETH and USDT.

Select ETH ERC20 Token under ‘Select coin’ and press add (5 ERC20 Tokens will be added).
Wait and check bottom of page ‘Payment History’.

Funds showed up after about 30 minutes, and I was able to move it to farm.

---- Original Post Below----
Hi, I sent Eth to my “Personal address deposit”, if I check etherscan. it has arrived.
But Hiveos shows nothing.

As it says in FAQ:

Paying for the system: deposits
Hive OS accepts only cryptocurrency. There are several ways to pay for Hive OS:

  • to your personal Ethereum address generated in your account

I have Generated an address, and sent coins. (from a pool)
So what is the problem?

It does not show in the interface and I cannot pay the daily/monthly fee.

If you have more than (1) farm, you may have some work.

If you only have one farm:

  • select that farm
  • select billing tab
  • scroll all the way to the bottom to payments history
  • your deposit should be visible there

Next bit of work is to distribute it correctly across your farms.


I did generate the address 1 step above the farm…

main page – 'Your Funds"

Genereated a personal address and sent it there.
Should I have created an address under the farm it self?

I should still be able to move the funds to the farm, but I cannot even see them atm.

Basicly this under Billing:

And under the farm it only look like this:

I cannot see any balance, at any of the locations.

Are you not able to transsfer from a normal wallet, say TW or Exodus to this address?
seems wierd, if they block something that simple.

// Thanks that you show some interest in my problem :slight_smile:

My friend it took me weeks of research before I tested it out myself. I did not find lots of detail in the process, but I figured that is because I am new to all this crypto transfer stuff.

Is there a chance you sent ETH-ERC to an ETH-BEP address and would that even matter?

My situation may be a bit different since I have (2) farms.

The personal address I created, same path as yours, only shows under (1) of my farms “Billing” tab OR at the top level HiveOS Dashboard via the “Your Funds” tab.

The personal address does NOT show up under (1) of my farms “Billing” tab at all. But the interface allows me to fund this farm from the other farm balance.

My transfer path was a bit different, I created an ETH-ERC20 personal address, pointed a rig at this wallet and mined to payout threshold. Just checked blockchain, etc., and the funds appear to have been recognized by Hive in under 3 minutes.


Thanks for the information.

It has crossed my mind about it being a ERC/BEP problem, but ERC and BEP have the same address.
Should not be a problem, but apparently something has happend.

A question, if you might answer.

Did you create the address under the farm → Billing
Or did you create and use the address at top level → My Funds ?

(I did use the address at top level → Your Funds, and put a rig to mine to that address.)

Thanks for you’re time!


I activated the ERC20 address under ‘My Funds’, it took around 30 minutes
for a balance to show. I am now able, to move funds to the farm.

The information you gave, put me on the right track.

Much appreciated, thanks!

// Ganymede

Nice. Glad to hear you are in business :slight_smile:

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