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Noob Payout Question

I’m pretty new to HIVEOS and mining in general. I have a rig setup and finally reached the .1 payout. I transferred the funds from HIVEON to my farm (not sure I should have done this) and am now trying to transfer the funds to coinpayments so I can ultimately transfer the funds to my exodus wallet. It does not allow me to specify my wallet address on coinpayments. Is this possible? Thanks for any help.

If I understand your post correctly:

You mined to a wallet address and received a payout. Congrats.

It’s gets murky from there:

If so, the above wallet address is used solely for paying for the use of HiveOS operating systems charges. Most new miners, with <4 rigs/workers are not going to need this at all.

If you want to get ETH mining rewards to a wallet you control, in most cases you want to mine to that wallet directly. It is not recommended to mine to “soft wallets”/exchange accounts directly but to a Wallet system you personally have control over(the keys per say).

I have no experience with “exodus wallet”.

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Thank you for taking the time to explain. the address I was using was on that screen, the ETH address which I thought was my address on HIVEON. If I mine to a different address, does this address have to be on a mining pool or can I go directly to the address of my choosing (my exodus wallet address)? Hard lesson, any thoughts on what I can do with the funds associated with my Farm?

Think of it like your rig is performing work for the pool and your payout is direct deposit to the Ethereum Wallet address of your choosing. If you put my address in there, and I have the keys to that wallet, essentially, I get paid for your work.

Confirm your Exodus Wallet accepts Ethereum mining payouts, the wallet address does not change frequently, AND you have the keys to control the wallet.

Regarding your “funds”: Contact [email protected] via email, and ask if there is anyway they can assist. Worst case you’ll find similar folks offer their funds balances as transfers between farms in the Bazaar on this forum.

Good luck!

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Thanks again for info. Much appreciated.