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Noob here

I was originally using nicehash but I prefer using hive os for how many gpus it supports. However I cant seem to get hive os to give me a reading on memory temperature only the core temperature. I’m going to ignore the fact that my 3090 is only getting 79 m/h because not knowing what my memory temperature is a bigger threat right now.

Linux Nvidia drivers don’t support mem temp.

Ok so it does with amd? So theres absolutely no way of me knowing what my memory temperature is with hive os?

AMD is fine, you can see mem temp.
No way to see it on Nvidia cards… only Windows works.

Known problem with Nvidia driver at Linux… In windows the are mem temp in driver…

Ok so is there a way for me to be able to see the memory temperature on the rx 470 since it’s AMD.

For Amd Polaris cards no… For Navi’s yes…

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Thats actually perfect because i want to mine with a 5700xt

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