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No wlan0 interface found


I need your help. I try to connect my RIG with wifi but I have the message " No wlan0 interface found".

I try some tips from :

But nothing works.
I have a BTC 37 motherboard, a TP Link N150 wifi dongle.

I already put wifi settings (SSID and password) in files of HiveOs.

Can someone has an idea to help me ?

Thanks a lot

If the wlan interface/nic is not showing up as available via USB, its driver is not likely in the current kernel package.

You would need to install a compatible driver.

Thanks but how can I do it ?

did you try running wifi

Yes, I have this :

And then when I try lsusb :

I don’t know what to do now.

As grea said, try installing a driver. Maybe the hive install doesn’t have drivers for all wifi cards. Also there are a few posts here about usb wifi adaptors