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No valid share for about 2 hours?

me and other miner friend (located at us west) not seeing valid share for about 2 hrs from now? the miner looks ok, whats going on?

same problem i dont understand too i was thinking special problem i saw after 1 hour and i restart still same and now i saw a lot of people has same problem

Same here since 830pm. Also the real rate is only 5.4mhs

Same here. My miner is running at 240 MHs but I’m getting 0 MHs from the Hiveon pool. Hive isn’t having a good day… Is this normal? I have only been using for a week or so.

OK, I see the update from the team. Just a stats problem. Nothing to worry about.

Hope they fix it quickly

where do you see this?

Check Site Feedback.

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