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No temps, power consumtion and Hash rates after upgrade to 0.6-202@210401


As the titel says - i lost all output about temps, hash rates and power consumption of the rig.

Problem with new graphics drivers?

A simple downgrade is not the solution - still no output.

What can i do?


Get a (another) USB flash drive… download and flash the latest Beta HiveOS onto the drive, install it with no video card (use onboard video), allow it to update automatically, login under your rig ID, allow it to sync, and then halt the system, reconnect your cards and fire it up.

I’ve seen all kinds of weird issues when trying to use HiveOS’s upgrade feature… sometimes a fresh installation works best.

Thanks for the tip!
But I asked someone locally, the rig is far away, to take the system completely from the power. After the restart everything works.
A simple reboot of the system was not enough before - funny thing.

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