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No temp, no fan % shown

Hi all,

I’m using 3 x “RX 5500 XT” mining at around 30MH each. my problem is below, the temperature of GPU’s are going up and the autofan ctrl doesn’t increase its speed…

I have changed mother board and it doesn’t help. Even if I set it mannually, the fan speed doesn’t respond. I don’t know where those 18% and 30% comes from… I suppose it is the actual speed. So to avoid temperature problem, i’ve settled another fan just behind my rigg for a 100 extra watt…

Could you please help me ?

THx in advance.

U have Mod bios to cards? if yes with stock bios the fan settings it shows correctly?

1 Remove all OC settings ,then restart your Rig and check if this fix your problem …
2 Check all cables to risers (connect through 6 pin )
3 If not remove autofun …
4 if not write again the hive image into disk or flash…

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You’re the best, none of the first 3 worked. So I reinstalled the hiveOs image pluged it into the rigg and perfectly works !

Autofans, temperature contrl and no more reboot on phoenix miner :slight_smile:
Thanks again !

Glad to help u

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