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No reported hashrate but getting shares with HiveON RVN Pool - Cause for concern?

I’ve got three rigs going, all are working, all are getting shares, but one rig reports nothing for “reported hashrate”. In the past I’ve seen that before when I wasn’t connected to the pool or there was otherwise a problem and no shares were accepted, but I’m getting accepted shares.

At first I ignored it, but after letting it run for a while, I don’t feel I’m getting the daily rewards around what I should be for my hashrate. Yes, I realize there is some fluctuation… but 20% under doesn’t feel right.

Same here when using Team Red Miner
Was ok with Gminer

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Thanks for the reply… I was on TeamRedMiner. I’ll try switching miners.

Checking their github… someone is reporting the same problem. Teamredminer does not send reported hash rate to 2miners pool. Please Help! · Issue #628 · todxx/teamredminer · GitHub

It’s a miner issue in the way they report shares to the pool.

Also, revenue has dropped more than 20% in the last 24 hours, will drop quite a bit more in the next 24 as well.

Ive been watching the yields drop as the hashrate has gone up, i knew that was going to happen once the price starting spiking and I’ve been taking that into account.

But as long as I’m getting the shares credited… You’re saying there’s no issue with “reported” being zero?

correct. reported doesnt impact revenue

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