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No post after boot logo

My rig boots up fine at first. half of the time it would only show “_” and just stay like that so i would turn it of and on again and it worked. everything was alright until i tried updating NVIDIA driver. now it normaly boots up, showing the logo and blue box thing. after that it just stays as a black screen. no command or anything. usually i wait for a few minutes then it would open linux. but now i wait for an hour and nothing shows. anyone know how to fix?
Motherboard : Biostar b360-btc pro 2.0
CPU: Intel 9th Gen core i3-9100f LGA1151
GPU: 3060ti LHR x9 3060 x1 3080 x1

Are you booting from usb stick?

yep. i tried a new usb stick. it did boot up once but it said no gpu detected eventhough it says there are gpu on hiveos. so i tried everything i could do from online sources and when i downgraded the driver it started happening

What type (model - watt ) of PSU u have?

EVGA 1800W x2
im sure i have enough power. Everything was working before i downgraded driver to 460.91.03.

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