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No payouts - support does not respond


I really don’t care if its the right place to post this.
I will be posting it on every place possible untill someone will give me the answer :slight_smile:

I have reacherd payout weeks ago and still no payment.
Everything was fine than suddenly stops.

I have contaced support asking about this sutiation, but no answer.

Doeas Hive os is going Bankrupcy!!!
3 weeks without payment who will notice right?

Looking for a fast resposne

I have been watching multiple polite posters in Discord finding resolutions to this issue every day, literally, every day.

And you could always look at the address from your last payment and see Hiveon Pool payments going out daily to folks with their accounts in good standing.

Image 12-7-21 at 2.37 PM

Well I could not find any information nor any solution to this situation.
Something about stale shares… ok 99.98% is good or should be 100% ?
Still we pay for the service, either it is by $ or % on our earning, so staff could address issues when asked right?

But it seems there isnt any help from them, looking at topics all over the “knowledge base”

Ohh and I have tried discord also without any luck.

Really, someone just got theirs addressed in less than 7 minutes on Discord.

Head over to hiveon-pool channel and post your address for a review.

Ok but I dont have stale shares above 5%, All I need is answer to it.
If I’m usign a product and HiveOS is a product I would like to know what happend to avoid it in the future.
Or It could be information about it.

Look at your stats for 30 days, you’ll see a very high Stales/Invalids on November 21st which locked your account.

fwiw: The thresholds are set automatic to protect the pool performance. The stats you are looking at in the dashboard are averages over time so 1% over a long time does not give the detail to a 5% threshold.

I dont have these stats I dont see them.
I can check last 7 days? which is weird.
I dont want to spoil the pool or anything, as you can see I have been mining steadly adding more rigs, and suddenty there is no information…
As a normal user I ask the staff for help to change something in my config, that is doing it, but I get no resposne, there is no information at the account, there is no warning to check config etc.
It should be something, not all ppl try to “rob” the pool for stale shares.

I can confirm that after discord help my wallet has been unlocked.

I’d love the dashboard to flag status, but that requires feature development which can and has been requested via [email protected] As a fellow miner, please submit your request too :slight_smile:

fwiw: switching to 1M is required since the threshold broke 2 weeks ago:

Image 12-8-21 at 2.26 PM

There is something like a glich. When I choose November and 1m window I only get info from 1st till 8th which is today. And im pretty sure it shows December.
So I have no where to check it. Can You at least tell me which miner was it?

Might be a limit in the mobile app interface vs. the web interface. I only use the Web Interface.

fwiw: I am just a miner like you, but have had to navigate the situation, hence share what I have found to work :slight_smile:

Oh no its the same for web version.

Whoops, I see the issue, you are looking at the Hive OS Worker dash board.

Monitor your poolside statistics by placing your wallet address here:

You can open it up for 1M, don’t need any personally identifiable data, etc.

Ahhh thats more visible and clear.
Obviously something happened 2 times from what I can see.
But now its all resolved. as usuall I couldn’t even notice that.
Anyway ots now resolved but still I didn’t get reply from support which is sad.

Thanks for help