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No payouts,help plz

I have passed the 0.1 payout threshold a few days ago but have not received the payout

Miner Statistics [0x5676FE21392c54829516E4Cb429A9fECc6421739]

You have a lot of stale shares (9,78%) and 1(1.11%) invalids from this foto you post…

Acceptable range for hive is (3%) max… until you fix it (in next 24 hours) you wallet is locked from hive …
Good idea is to make a question in Discord or Telegram to admins…
:small_blue_diamond:Payment not received
You either didn’t meet threshold on time or your wallet has been locked. This is most commonly caused by surpassing the max allowed stale(5%)/ invalid(8%) rate percentage for a prolonged period of time.
Check your Hiveon Dashboard (’s Shares graph.
You can view it by Day, Week or even Month and review whether you have had too many stales/invalids recently. If that’s the case, your wallet has most likely been locked. Unlocks are done manually — Get in touch with the team supplying your wallet address for checks.
:small_blue_diamond: Stale/Invalid shares
:small_orange_diamond:Stale shares are predominantly caused by network issues between you and the pool.

  • Check and reset your modem/router
  • Opt for Public DNS (Google or Cloudflare - or if using HiveOS, enable DoH in worker options).
  • Test connection to the pool and all nodes. Choose the best ones in your particular case.
  • ALWAYS set up failover nodes (select multiple ones in your flightsheet).
  • Test both TCP and TLS nodes to see what works best for you.
  • Run mtr against the pool address, i.e. mtr for at least a 100 pings and check for packet losses.
  • Avoid WiFi if possible. WiFi is not as stable/reliant as a wired connection.

:small_orange_diamond:Invalids are predominantly byproducts of bad OCs. 1-2 invalid(s) over a period of 24h (or more) can be negligible. Simply restart the miner to get rid of the icon/count. If you start getting more invalids in a shorter time frame, revise your OC on the card in question.
You can refer to the Off-Topic Channel (Telegram: Contact @hiveofftopic_en) for OC/MOD discussions.

:small_blue_diamond: Missing funds after changing wallet address
Every wallet address is, simply put, a different account and as such, every account has their own balance.
Auto-transfers between addresses are not possible because there’s no way of effectively verifying both wallets belong to the person claiming them.
This process would be time consuming, require some form of KYC or wallet signing, a dedicated due diligence team - which is all obviously not worth it in the grand scheme of things. Mining to threshold and getting paid prior to/after switching wallets is easier - hence why no anonymous pools provide such services.

:small_blue_diamond: Accepted shares on different workers with different hashrates are roughly the same.
Hiveon uses vardiff (variable difficulty), and as such, every worker relies on its own individual hashing power to get an adequate difficulty setting.
When mining starts, each worker is assigned 5000 MH difficulty. If the worker’s hash power is adequate, difficulty will be raised, if not, difficulty will drop (down to 1000 MH max). So while share count may be similar across different workers, their difficulty is different.

:pick: Recommended miners​:pick:

:test_tube: All these miners have been thoroughly tested and consistently come out on top in terms of stability and performance:

:white_check_mark: TeamRedMiner | lolMiner for AMD GPUs.
:white_check_mark: lolMiner | T-Rex | GMiner for Nvidia GPUs.
:white_check_mark: lolMiner for Hybrids workers (AMD+Nvidia GPUs).

:warning:NOTE: We do not recommend the following miners;:warning:

:stop_sign:Claymore - Obsolete, development halted.
:stop_sign:Ethminer - not updated. no proper support for new GPUs.
:stop_sign:Phoenixminer - Inflates displayed hashrates (2%-3.5%).
:stop_sign:NBMiner - Inflates displayed hashrates (2%-3%).
:stop_sign:TeamBlackMiner - Inflates displayed hashrates (4%-5%).

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As Nanial shared, your Stale statistics are over the threshold. Until these are reduced, even unlocking your account will instantly lock it again.

First suggestions, If your rigs are on WiFi, get on Ethernet. If you rigs are on Ethernet, you’ll need to address your infrastructure.

Discord team reviews the account within 24hours, but again, your stales are so bad, account will relock in minutes.

Good luck

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Thank you very much for your reply

I think I have fixed this problem. Please check it

The problem should be on December 6, when hive on Pacific could not be connected

I connected to hive on Hong Kong, so the stale share became very high

After I switched back, the data looked normal

Congratulations on the improvement :slight_smile:

Fwiw: Nov 23- Dec 13, would have all relocked your wallet.

I would suggest visiting the hiveon-pool Discord Channel. You’ll see similar requests for account review. You’ll need to provide your wallet address there.

Note: Most of the folks posting here are other miners helping folks :slight_smile:

thank you very much