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No hashrate mining ETC need help!

Try updating your hiveos, you’re on a very old image/driver.

Run hive-replace -s -y to flash the latest stable image

@MINER05 Definitely need to update your Nvidia drivers. Not sure you need an entire hiveOS update. In fact, if you update HiveOS it won’t move the drivers forward automatically. LHR cards need the 510 driver or higher, it’s gonna crash your whole rig overwise
nvidia-driver-update -list
select something like 510.68.02
I’m not sold on 520 drivers just yet, but you can definitely try it out with just nvidia-driver-update

Good luck

Thanks I’m using 510.85.02
Trying to mine ETC using phoenixminer
Any ideas?

Not too familiar with pool connection issues. I didn’t even know that HiveON was offering an ETC pool anymore. I’d start with just a straight shut down and power back on. If a reboot doesn’t help, I would try to pick a different pool or a different miner (I personally have PHX miner) and see if you can start eliminating variables.

Post your full flight sheet (before clicking edit)

510.85.02 enables lhr, so your 3060 performance will be half of what it should.

Please run hive-replace -s -y and don’t do anything to the drivers after.

Now running cminer. Do I still need to run hive-replace -s -y ?

you’re on a kernel from april 2021, so yeah i would update to the latest stable image (which will also downgrade your driver to the better one)

the driver you’re on is limiting your hashrate by around 35mh altogether.

also, i recommend t-rex or lolminer.

Sorry I’m so new to hiveos. What is the step by step process for updating the kernel? I tried shell in a box tried (1) for password but (1) doesn’t show…

Password doesn’t show for security purposes. Pretty standard for Linux.

Just run the hive replace command in the run box, hive remote shell, from the rig itself, vnc, shellinabox etc.

Thanks for your great help!
Just wondering how will I receive ETC from now after mining? Do I need a new wallet to receive ETC or can I still use my existing ETH wallet?

Check your etc wallet for the address.

I use an address from bitpay to receive ETH will I still receive ETC with the same address?

Check and see? It’s possible it’s the same.

You can’t send ETC to an ETH wallet. Check to see whether you have an ETC wallet address in bitpay and if not, create one and change the wallet setting in your flight sheet. If you don’t do so and Hive sends ETC to your ETH wallet, you’ll probably see confirmations, but the ETC won’t actually appear in your wallet.

I cannot see any way to get a etc wallet in bitpay. What are most people using to receive etc from hiveos? Any ideas?