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No GPU's Temp and Fan after 5 minutes

I have three rigs with same configuration (12 x P106-100 Asus). 2 of them have no any error. But one of them shows no GPU’s fan and temp after 5 minutes the rigs boots. I couldnt find how to fix the problem.

Full dmesg1:
Full dmesg2:

I had to put dmesg info into 2 different txt because the system dont accept one txt file over 60000 char.

I have set up a new rig with 12 x P106 6GB. I have 4 x GPU rig now. the same config and parts. 3 of them runs well - no problem. One of them still has problem about temp of the GPUs. Ater 5 mins mining, the gpu temps are gone. No problem at the first 5 minutes. I need advice. I triedwith overclocked and at stock settings. The same result.

Worker Names: NN01, NN02, NN03, NN04
NN02 is the one which has the temp problem.