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No fan speed and temperature readings with Gminer

Hi all, when gminer starts, I have a problem with missing GPU temps and fan speed readings. In Worker window, they’re simply gone (except GPU0). When I switch to e.g. Claymore, then everything comes back to normal. Autofan also crashes with Gminer. I use latest (currenty version 1.34)

I’m using 8x1070Ti+2xrx570 with Asus B250 Mining Expert.

Anyone can help ?

You ever find a resolution for this by chance? I have the exact same problem with all my NVidia Rigs with 12 GPU’s. Strange part is my smaller Rigs with only 7 GPU’s seem to work just fine. The Autofan doesn’t work no matter what though. If I run BMiner then everything works perfectly fine but lower hash rates unfortunately.

You can try increasing the PL which helped me.