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No choice to choose or via GUI since upgrade

Hi, before the upgrade users were able to select a https endpoint to point at for there RIGS via the GUI, since the upgrade this is disabled, I managed to get it done manually updating the /hive-config/rig.conf file, and now appears it immediately reverts back to http. Can some1 please take a look at this??? @HaloGenius @hiveos

By the way this is quite a step back as I am sure 99% of users would prefer to have https connections between the api and their RIGS. Thanks

i have tried multiple ways including reflashing my OS but it seems if you have upgraded your OS since the upgrade then rig.conf always gets overwritten with a http HOST_SERVER_URL. If you ahve not upgraded it appears HTTPS endpoints are still accepted, As I have checked Rigs that were on HTTPS before the upgrade and have not beeen touched they are still on HTTPS? @hiveos @HaloGenius, I am rather paranoid at the best of times and would really like to have HTTPS restored to my rigs, also not mention I have been having rather strange anounts of disconnects to the API lately from my RIGS after doing reboots for example the rigs comes up and shows data for a few minutes then goes permanently offline according to HiveOS but is actually still mining?

HTTPS connection one of payed function

ok then, reason for disconnect is related to XMR-Stak, when network errors are recieved by XMR-Stak for some reason HiveOS seees this as the entire RIG being disconnected, then also on reconnect with the pool all shares received are Rejected shares

I saw this behavior sometimes. To me it looks like xmr-stak problem. Sometimes miner recovers from network failures, sometimes it just doesn’t. I’ve created a ticket at GitHub a month ago (, but no solution so far…

And, just some clarification. Connection between HiveOS and rig is totally independent of miner’s connection to the pool. So, this problem surely has nothing to do with the HiveOS.

Fully agreed with you

Maybe XMRig (for AMD or NVidia depends of your cards) as custom can help. XMRig has similiar to xmr-stak mining code but different network code and IMHO more stable

Yes this is what I thought but as soon as the network errors are thrown in XMR-Stak and it cant reconnect HiveOS permanently shows the Rig as down.

I cannot use XMRig-AMD on my Rigs with SSD’s as it just complains about not being able to find the config file, even after a fresh install on Hive. Getting tired of all these connectivity issues since Hive 2.0 and having our access to HTTPS connections removed to the API.

Anyways let me keep quiet and look for a new OS.


The implementation of XMRig-AMD as custom miner is not perfect, but it works.

If your connectivity problems happen in the same time on both connections (miner towards pool and rig towards HiveOS) - I would suspect there is really problem with your Internet connectivity.

Is your rig somewhere locally so you can go into terminal and check its network connectivity. Maybe your NIC goes down or something like that?!? Maybe a faulty UTP cable…

No I have other rigs connecting to same pools and no issues (Claymore CryptoNote to same pool), only the 1’s running XMR-Stak are affected. Other Rig on same Hive account mining ETC on Ethermine also not affected,

Not local network related, never have issues when they are using Claymore Cryptonote or Claymore Dual Miner, pretty sure this has something to do with the way HiveOS reacts when XMR-Stak has network timeouts.

Also only been happening since the move to Hive 2.0 and I upgrade the OS’s, when I finally lose it I will downgrade to Hive Version 65 or something and see what it does,

My Rigs on SSD’s complain about not being to find /hive/custom/xmrig-amd/config.json, USB it works fine

but I have given up on XMRig-AMD anyways using Claymore Cryptonote for now.

On my rigs (more than a few) I never noticed that xmr-stak connectivity issue is affecting rig’s connection to Hive. What I have noticed though is that if I move too many rigs simultaneously from one pool to another - then connectivity issues with xmr-stak appear. But, that could be also how pool is protecting from potential DDoS.

Anyway, from my experience, rig’s connection to Hive is not affected by xmr-stak’s problems.

BTW, I am running xmrig-amd right now on one rig… I have managed to get similar hash rate as with xmr-stak, so maybe you can try that as well. But, it looks to me that it uses a bit more electricity than with xmr-stak and the cards are getting a bit warmer. I need to test a bit more.

Also, did you try to use different miner on that exact rig that has problems with xmr-stak, and use xmr-stak on some other rig that is currently not experiencing problems? I am still thinking that there is something wrong with networking of that specific rig - switch port, cable, NIC, TCP stack, …

The rigs that were giving issues are now switched to Claymore Dual Miner and Claymore CryptoNote (Same pool as XMR-Stak was) and no issues whatsoever, with no timeouts or connectivity issues since Saturday, I can’t run XMRig-AMD due to the issue with /hive/custom/xmrig-amd/config.json not being found when I do the CustomMiner on my Rigs with SSD’s, Not really in the mood to go fetch a copy from my USB and place it on the SSD’s in the location, I will just survive until I decide to change OS, which is sad cos I used to love HiveOS and woulda been perfectly fine paying, now I cant say the same.

Thanks for tryna help out but I am tired of fighting a losing battle, :+1:

Sad to see you go, man… I still think it’s for the wrong reasons, but everybody is making their own decisions :slight_smile:

Happy mining…