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"no-carrier" after successfully logging in

Hi, I’m using Tp-Link tx3000e with intel chipset ax200. Everytime i try to connect to my hotspot, hiveos return “no-carrier” with error wifi setup done. No connection. Check settings and try again." Thx for your help !

Does the TP have a UI and logs? It’s very likely a negotiation problem.

I’m a beginer on linux so i dont know. Where i can find this info ?

No worries, we all start somewhere.
From the webpage for the rig, along the top ribbon you will see an option to send a command. Run the command “dmesg” and look for messages in the command output (once it completes, it will take a few mins - for whatever reason this is super slow when it’s lightning quick in a terminal)… regarding how the wifi connection crapped out.

Another quick suggestion - are you current with your OS patches? You will need to hardwire in to update… Not likely, but may be of value to check your tplink and mainboard.

If you are adventurous, start a terminal session. Here are some wifi commands (hint, the #is your command prompt you all didn’t need that),


Look for something starting with “wlp” and numbers in the right most column. This is your wifi device. If this returns nothing… thats a different starting point.

iwlist wlp scan

Will output all the networks broadcasting.

If your device wasn’t found with ifconfig, and you didn’t see the device load in dmesg… I’m not sure.

Checking the Googler seems to be a mixed bag regarding support. One person reports it needs kernel 5.1 and “HiveOS” runs 5.0. Updating the kernel while simple to do has a huge amount of considerations dramatically complicating the decision.

Let us know what you find…
Good luck

Hi guys, about no carrier I found a solution. I was using an AC1200 WIFI KEY. I was giving the good password but it was not connecting. One thing I did is use the key to connect on my laptop by entering the SSID password (use WIFI2 instead of WIFI in Wifi Parameters) and activate automatic connection or save the password on your laptop.

When I plugged my key again on my motherboard it did not asked me to enter the password of my wifi and logged automatically. Worked fine so far.

The problem I had before was that my key was efficiently scanning the zone to search for a wifi but was not able to connect to my wifi.

Hope it helps

Hi I have found another solution, I had that no-carrier problem when trying to use my USB wifi key. Edit the ssid and wifi password in the file wifi.txt in /hive-config/network/ then try to connect again using the command “wifi” even though you still have “no-carrier” it might actually be connected to your wifi, to check use “iwconfig” and see if you see your wifi box in “ESSID” and if the Link Quality is greater than 0.

Hope it helps,

Good luck

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