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No boot MCE Hardware Error Cpu

I have HiveOS loaded to a SSD and i have gotten it to boot one time, but usually the boot up processed is halted with a mce pointing at CPU. See attached photo. Typically the error pops up much sooner than when i grabbed a screenshot. Like i said, it passed and eventually started with HiveOS once and I connected it to my account, but not since. When it did the one time, it took, several reboots to get to that point.

I am running a B250 BTC-12P motherboard, a G4560 Intel CPU 3.5GHz. Here are some BIOS Screen shots i took when looking at processor info:

There doesn’t appear to actually be any hardware fault, i can load Lubuntu latest from a usb drive although it does give some ACPI Errors, see errors below but i was albe to load into Lubuntu’s GUI

EDIT: I had multiple screenshots, but “new users can only have 1 image”

This error is obvious. Bad network connection.

Although I appreciate your input mentioning the delayed network connection message I suppose because it’s in red perhaps, the connection is made and shows a few lines down, the error in question was on the bottom line

Turned out it was a bad motherboard and the issue has been resolved with a replacement.

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