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NO AMD rigs working after update

Hi all, after update all my AMD machines are not working, I have 1 rig with NVIDEA and it is only that is working.
all machines have same
Claymore Reboot: WATCHDOG: GPU error, you need to restart miner :slight_smile:

I cant do anything with them, any ideas?

Claymore - dead miner for mining ETH and ETC. Change it!

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THe same problem here. I restarted my 3 rigs and now all of them gives that f.king error “>Claymore Reboot: WATCHDOG: GPU error, you need to restart miner :(”
I pay for HiveOs and no Discord support or here.

what miner for ETH shoud i use?

Phoenixminer, TeamRedMiner and other.
Phoenixminer working fine and no problem.
Or is everyone chasing dual mining?

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Ok solution is: Update Hive and change Claymore to Phoenix.

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I have AMD Vega’s and found I had to go back to the latest Vega version of HiveOS. For some reason it wouldn’t mine properly (no matter the miner) with the newer drivers or something. Once I did that, in the miner configuration in hiveos gui, I forced it to choose the latest version of Phoenix Miner (5.3b) instead of Latest Available and it worked afterwards. A word of caution on this. You can’t update to latest regular version of HiveOS after this is done, even though the links to do it are there for you. When you try an update it will fail. When I did go back to the vega version, it even worked with the same overclocking settings I had when I was on version 150 and using claymore. YMMV

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