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No access to google authenticator

in December 2022, I washed my phone along with my jacket and lost access to the Google authenticator. I transferred part of the farms to another account - but this method is inconvenient for me + on my account I had access to other rigs. How can I regain access to my account? [email protected] Thank you!

Contact support via live chat on or [email protected]

This is why i dont like 2fa, phones are lost, broken, just stop working, etc, etc. and you lose access to your assets.
in 2020 my og pixel 1 had a battery problem and lost access to my nicehash acct because i couldn’t use 2fa which i never agreed to, imagine trying to get that old phone fixed at that time, supply chain trashed, lockdowns, no stores open. . .
The geniuses at NH told me they would give me back access to my acct if i would let them KYC me.
Not Happening, i never dealt with any fiat through them.
got the phone fixed 6 months later, transfered everything out and came to Hive and iv’e never had an issue.

otp usually provide you with a code. If you store that code, you can reinstall it on a different device. If you use a password manager, these usually handle the otp and allow you to backup your logins