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NiceHash, where to get the ethash adress?

Hello all,
I just repaired my miner that has a faulty psu for a while now. I’m a bit noob and was looking for something simple. I config my miner for nicehash and it seems to be working right now but i’m not sure i entered the correct wallet address. From what i understand i should enter my bitcoin wallet address from nicehash is this correct?

thank you

no, you enter your nice hash address. In the nh site, there is a place for your btc address

And where do i get it? there is no nicehash coin in the wallet list.
Is it this one?

Yes, nicehash uses your btc mining address for all coins when mining to their stratum.

@painting Thanks for your reply.
But this adress is different than my NiceHash Bitcoin wallet so it’s a bit confusing… so i use this one above, not my actual bitcoin wallet in nicehash right?

Thank you

In nicehash they call this, your “mining address” it is not the same as your btc wallet address in the wallet section of nicehash.

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