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Nicehash - read error: "end of file"

I have followed these instructions …

… but am receiving this error in the miner log …

[2023-08-04 20:25:40**.570** ] net read error: "end of file"

What do you need from me to paste here to help debug this?

Can you post a screenshot of your flight sheet (before clicking the edit button)

That doesnt look like a valid BTC address

It’s my NiceHash mining address, which is used in this special case.

As per the official documentation…

… any other ideas?

Maybe theyve changed from using BTC addresses as mining addresses (my account has a valid btc wallet address as my mining address still)

But i see the issue now, youre trying to mine to the ethash address with a cpu miner. Either switch to a gpu ethash miner or switch to cpu algo nicehash server

I have an account with NiceHash and my other computer uses XMRig to mine using the RandomXmonero algorithm on CPU.

This is what I have put in the HiveOS settings and it still comes back with an error.

I have double-checked all the settings and rebooted many times.

Do you have any other ideas?

Can anyone else help please?

I have fixed it!

I changed the server url to:-

and changed my algorithm to match.

I also changed the XMRig version to a much older version 6.12.2

So, I can now see 2 miners in my NiceHash account dashboard :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

No need for the older version, latest works good