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NiceHash - FishHash Algo Selection

G’day, will there be the option to select NiceHash - FishHash soon so we can mine straight to Nicehash rather than herominers? I prefer payouts in BTC than IRON atm.


You may need to clear your browser cache, i had to on my pc to get it to show up just now.

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Ah you were right bud. I did a CTR+SHIFT+R and there it was, thanks mate!

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Is anyone getting low hashrate using this? I have two 3060ti’s that are getting about half of what they should be.

Have you tuned your overclocks?

Yes, I put pretty common overclocks setting ins and then went up and down a bunch to see if I got much of a change and was only able to get half of the expected hash rate. If I switch algorithms then they can get full hash rate, but only about half on FishHash

Post a screenshot of your workers overview and flight sheet config

Nothing special in the flight sheet. Just mining to Nicehash wallet using Rigel miner. Does the same thing when I try lol miner

You’re on a pretty old driver, possible LHR is giving you troubles, id probably just flash the latest stable image to start which includes a much newer driver with LHR disabled.

Updated drivers and it definitely helped, was getting about 30MH on each. Still lower than expected, but a lot closer.