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Nicehash-Autolykos not showing up in the HiveOS - Coins drop-down menu

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On the website, Nicehash-Autolykos is listed but while in the HiveOS platform there is NO DROP DOWN MENU for this coin in creating a new Flight Sheet.

Is there another place this request needs to be submitted to the HiveOS admins?

Thanks for your help and I am new to HiveOS and its dev structure/architecture for release/updates.

From search on the web:

NiceHash is the largest hash-power broker that connects sellers or miners of hash-power with buyers of hash-power. NiceHash is not a pool because it does not use the miner’s hash-power to support one blockchain in particular, but rather this hash-power is forwarded to a specific pool picked by the buyer.

So you won’t be able to mine “it.” You can sell your hash rate or buy some else there.

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Ok HiveKal thanks for that insight…

I see that Nicehash_Autolykos has been added to the drop-down menu as all the other coins available in Nicehash/HiveOS.

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