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NEXA Overclock Settings 3060Ti

Hi all

Im new in mining, but I have a Rig with one 3060Ti. Im mining NEXA during the night due to lower power costs, but i have a question regarding my Overclock settings. Im not sure, if the OC is good or if i could improve my Hashrate if I adjust the OC again. Im mining as i already said during the night Nexa and during the day PYI. Those are my OC Settings:


Fan: 65%
Core: 250
Mem: -1900
PL: 120
Temp: arround 49 °C
Hashrate around 70-71 Mh/s


Fan: 60%
Core: 200
Mem: -3000
PL: 100
Hashrate around 4.26 Gh/s

Could anybody share his settings?

Many thanks and best Regards