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Nex + zil not working?

So im trying to mine zilliqa+nexa, but my zil hashrate is NA i think i set everything up right, but im pretty new to dual mining. I have absoulutly no idea what im doing lol, but zil jsut started :skull: and now nexa is off.

edit: just leaarned about the zil window. I think i figured it out now haha

Yep, zil is only once an hour

Also my rig breaks when i set it to MEWC fan goes to 0 temp spikes to 80C and then fan goes to 100% then stops responding. guess imna stick with nexa haha

Sounds like you’re crashing it with too aggressive ocs?

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bz lets you set the oc for nexa and another for zil

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No, actually I figured it out. The miner wasn’t installing properly, my guess, a network issue. It would “apply” but then go non responsive. The overclocks were on, but I couldn’t control the fan or the PL. Working fine now, stacked up about 300 mewc and going back to nexa becuase i want my payout lol.

How do you set the oc’s for each coin? I made a whole penny mining zil LOL still gonna keep doing it, since i only let it go throught one cycle.

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i have noticed some pools don’t seem to recognize all your shares. Some will report 0 shares, even when the miner shared some. You can check your logs against what the pool states

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im pretty new to dual mining too. The miner uptime is 4h by now. But it’s still mining Nexa and won’t change to Zil (always n/a).
I followed some NEXA+Zil Hiveos youtube videos, and i think i set everything right also.
Any ideias? Thanks in advance.

Ok, i was testing some core/mem configs for the 3090’s… and suddenly started mining Zil…

edit: went back to Nexa after a minute or so…

i was able to check Zil’s mining by paste the wallet address in crazypool page.
1 minute mining. 3 hours later, 3 minutes mining.
Is this ok? apologies for my ignorance…

Yeah that’s all normal

Whats the minimum payout for nexa? also @Geopixel sorry i was off here for 2 days. I also had some issues i coudlnt figure out, but I did some miner config (like setting wallet to %WAL%) and such, and now it seems to be working. I have 119K nexa, but i havent got a payment. using woolypooly. Also nice 3090’s

Min payout varies pool to pool, your pool should have it listed

It says 50K but I have 119K waiting. No payouts yet.

50k needs to be in your balance, waiting means immature

How long does it take? I have 0 balance and ive been mining nexa for about 5 days

Nexa has a 5000 block mature period x 2 minute block time = 10000 minutes/7 days

rip. Ok thank you!

When I’m mining nex + zil my nexa hashrate went down form 90 mh/s to 75. Is that normal? i didnt change the OC but even when zil isn’t actively being mined, its still lower. Would love to be making an extra 3k nex even with higher power. Ok never mind. I had dropped the pl lol. I raised it again and it is working fine.