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Newbie question on overclocking 3060ti lhr


So I’m new to mining and just finished building 1st rig.its looking pretty weak at the minute sat with 1 x 3060ti LHR I managed to pick up at half decent price,but I’m happy with set up and plan to go for 6 x gpu set up,slowly.

Anyway I currently have it up and running but I’m just not sure on the overclocking side of things.Had a quick look at the popular presets in the overclocking but before I start changing things thought I’d ask here for suggested settings.
I’ve currently got it on eth and it’s showing 35.29 MH/s,which I didn’t think was to bad for 1 lhr card??.
And around 189w,which thought was maybe little high,but again not sure where we should be with this.

Any advice would be great especially if overclocks would pump hash slightly and/or bring consumption lower at all.

Cheers in advance…

Hi There,
I am running 4 x [LHR] 3060 Ti’s that I have been tweaking to see what I can get out of them.

My Set points that seem to work the best for mine so far is getting me 42.60Mhs out of each card.

CC = -502
MC = 2300
FA = 100
PL = 150

I have also got my Watchdog set to reboot if running 10Mhs less than what the max is as there is some weird glitch in the ones I have that takes one randomly down to 33Mhs and stays there. Min is set on watchdog (up top next to FAN icon) reboot after 5 mins of lower hash rate.
Seems to work so far. cannot seem to get any more out of these cards… changed the video drivers to 465.42 and no difference


Cheers for that.

Much better…
consumption dropped to 150w and now sitting @ 42.10 Mhs
so thats a decent improvement.

appreciated that,so thanks again…

No Problems, I have spent days working it out … I still have the hassle of one of the cards randomly dropping to 22Mhs, but my Watchdog takes card of that automatically if the hash rate drops 10Mhs from its average after 5 mins. Does not fix the issue, however it does give me peace of mind that the rig will get always rebooting if needed without my imput.

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