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Newbie problems, pools approval?

Hello, I am new around here and still a lot to learn.
I have a GTX 1080Ti that I used in Niceh@sh with a 35k hash rate, but I can not make it run in Hive. I am trying to mine ETH and tried more than 10 flight sheets with different pools, most of the time I chose phoenix as miner because thats the one I was using in Nice so I know it works for me, but I can not make it work here in HIVE. The error changes, and most of the time looks like the pool is kicking me out, do I need to register somewhere before joining a pool? Any help or idea of what can be done to solve the issue will be welcome, I dont want to continue with Nice
Thank you

Do you have an OC applied or have ETHLargement enabled? It might be helpful if you could post a screenshot of your GPU overview or flight sheet config.

Shoot - didn’t realize the date of this post. Oops.

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